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The USAFL and Acclaim Entertainment are excited to announce that they have just signed a deal to sell Kevin Sheedys Coach 2002 PC in the United States. According to Acclaims Gavin Rundle, We see the alignment with the USAFL as a valuable arm to the promotion of AFL and AFL interactive products into the non-traditional markets outside Australia and New Zealand. The USAFL will be selling Coach 2002 for $40 on, and making the product available to USAFL clubs and other distributors at wholesale prices. If you or your club is interested in buying this great product, then simply fill out the order form attached to this document and email it to Andrea Caesar (

Coach 2002 is a collaboration between Acclaim Australia and Essendons legendry coach Kevin Sheedy. It is currently the only computer game licensed by the AFL. The game allows you to coach any team in the AFL for a season or just a game. During the game you control the bench, tags, as well as tactics such as hotspot, zone for kickouts and many you probably never heard of. During the season, you get to play fantasy football by picking players and making lineups. The game uses current teams, players and statistics. Its AI features determine how your tactics will work given the statistics of the players on the field. Do you have what it takes to beat Kevin Sheedys Essendon Bombers to the AFL Premiership?

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