I am sad to announce several resignations within the USFooty family:

First, Todd McIntosh is resigning as the Central Region Vice President. Todd is a long time member of the USAFL Board; many of us know him as The Guy Who Runs the AGM. At my request, Todd will remain active with the Board as General Counsel. I have asked Jim Martin, of the St. Louis Blues fame, to finish this term as the Central Vice President. Jim has agreed, and he will take the office effective Monday, April 8.

Second, Gary Hill is stepping down as American Revolution coach. Gary has coached the Revolution for two years, including last years second place finish at the Atlantic Alliance Cup. Garys presence with the Revolution has been such a fixture; it may feel odd for a time not having him at the helm. It is my hope that, once personal circumstances allow, Gary will return to work with the league in some capacity. At my request, Denis Ryan has agreed to serve as the Revolution coach for the rest of this season; its a big job, but one which Denis is suited to handle.

Lastly, Michael Gardiner is resigning as Director of Public Relations and Marketing. Michaels work in recent years has been indispensable in bringing on board sponsors such as Coopers. He has agreed to remain available to the league for assistance during contract negotiations with potential sponsors, which I greatly appreciate. Michael has graciously agreed to stay on until I name someone to fill the position.

Michael, Gary and Todd have each filled demanding positions with the USAFL. I am sure you all join me in thanking them for their time, dedication and efforts.

Jon Lenicheck



- Jon Lenicheck

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