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NashvilleKangaroo going to Australia to Umpire

Jeff Persson, of the Nashville Kangaroos, has been awarded the first USAFL
Umpire Scholarship. Jeff was a unanimous selection after his standout
performance at the 2001 National Tournament. Under the scholarship, Jeff
will travel to Australia with the American Revolution Squad in August. He
will train with Australian Umpires, umpire official games in local Melbourne
leagues and then umpire games in the! International Cup. The Umpire
Scholarship is part of an Umpire Exchange Program where the USAFL will send
our best US umpire to Australia and in return, a local Melbourne league will
send one of their best umpires to the US to coincide with the USAFL National
Tournament. Congratulations go to Jeff and also the Nashville Kangaroos who
have produced many great ! players and are now producing great umpires as
well. Jeff says he was completely blindsided by the selection, I still can't believe that I'm going to Oz!

- Rob Kelly

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