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The AFL todayreleasedthe fixturefor the inaugural Australian Football
International Cup, to decide the championship of Australian football
beyond the game's home shores.

Eleven teams haveconfirmed entry with the AFL's International Development
Committee forthetournament, which will be contestedin Melbourne
fromAugust 14-23 later this year--Papua New Guinea, New Zealand,
Ireland, Nauru, USA, Denmark, Great Britain, Samoa, Canada, Japan and
South Africa.

Under the competition rules drafted by the AFL in consultation with the
competing teams,players must be a citizen of the countryparticipatingand
have been predominantly resident in that country between 10-16 years of
age -thusensuring that the event will be for genuine international

AFL Chief Executive Officer Wayne Jackson said the AFL was delighted to
stage this event in recognition of the unheralded butmuch appreciated
andoutstanding achievements of volunteers administering the Australian
game abroad.

"Thistournament will have the full support of AFL resourcesandwill give
an appropriate public recognition of the existence of many Australian
Football competitions overseas," he said.

"Given that the teams are required to raise fundsto meet the costs of
their own travel and accommodation, their level of commitment to
Australian Football is clearly evident.

"I am delighted that the AFL is able to support this endeavour in such a
practical manner".

AFL clubs and local metropolitan football bodies will be asked to assist
in hosting and conducting the event.

The International Cup Grand Final will be staged as a curtain raiser to
the Hawthorn v Kangaroos match at the MCG on Friday August23.

Lead up matches will be played at VFL standard venues or AFLclubtraining

The AFL formed the International Development Committee in recognition of
the expanding development and number of International Bodiesnowplaying
the AFL game.

The Committee will advise the AFL on development programs and
international competition.The AFL will hold a general forum for
International Australian Football Bodies on ThursdayAugust 22 - a rest
day during the International Cup.

The meeting willenablean indepth review of the Competition and other
matters relevant to International Bodies.

Mr Jackson said that whilesomeother sports had international
federations, the AFL game internationally is at an early stage of its
development and would be more effective and cost efficient being
co-ordinated through the AFLand supported by AFL Clubs and resources.

A copy of the Match Program for the 2002 Australian Football International
Cup is attached.

Click Here to view the Match Program

- Patrick Keane - AFL

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