AZAFL Tournament

It's a new year, and it's almost time for the inaugural AZAFL Metro Footy
Tournament (FEBRUARY 8th-10th). In order to plan all the events properly,
we need to know which clubs are planning on attending. We need to know
approximate how many people each club is bringing by FRIDAY, January 11th
not sooner.

We have also struck a deal with the airport Hilton, so let us know if you
plan on staying there or if you'll be making other arrangements.

Lastly, the golf tournament that was originally planned for the festive
weekend has been cancelled. We will still be able to arrange a round of
golf for those of you who still plan on playing while you're out here.
Greens fees range from $36 - $250 per round depending on the desired
so let us know what you have in mind & we'll try to make it happen.

>Teams such as San Diego, Chicago, Denver, & Orange County have already
expressed interest in attending. Come join us whether you're an individual
or whether your whole club will be attending. All are welcome. If you
any questions, please contact me.

Brad Palumbo -> Porkchop

AZAFL Tournament Liaison

- Brad Palumbo

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