Americans Take Over the USAFL

As you know, former President, Rich Mann and former Executive Director,
Sheri Archer, have returned to Australia. The USAFL and its member clubs
wish them the very best of luck. The league will not be able to replace
them and will miss them very much (Click Here for well wishes to Rich and
Sheri from the USAFL). The USAFL would however like to take this
opportunity to welcome and introduce our new President, Jon Lenicheck
(originally from Milwaukee, WI), our new Executive Director, Sid Caesar
(originally from Wheaton, IL) and our new Office Manager, Andrea Caesar
(originally an "Air Force brat"). The Caesar's will split the position
held by Sheri Archer. Sid will be the part time Executive Director, while
Andrea will be the Office Manager and US Footy store manager. According to
Former President, Rich Mann, "Jon, Sid and Andrea have the experience and
drive to take the USAFL to the next step and develop Aussie Rules as a major
participatory sport in the United States. These three Yanks are good for

While originally a "cheesehead", Jon grew up in Massachusetts, where he
currently lives. Jon graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont and is
now the District Representative for Federal Congressman, Mike Capuano (D).
Jon first walked on a football ground just two years ago and played his
first game against the New York Magpies in September 1999. He was thrilled
to be a part of the Boston Demons second National Championship. Jon is
equally thrilled to be part of this new era for the USAFL. "The growth and
positive change in the USAFL, even just in my short time with the league,
has been incredible. As recently as 1997, who could have imagined this many
people would be playing this many matches on this many teams. That's not to
say we don't have challenges ahead of us, because we do. Continuing to grow
the league appropriately while maintaining the momentum it already has will
be the most important thing we, as the new Board, can address. We've got
bright, dedicated people involved with the league, so I have no doubt but
that we will be successful."

Sid Caesar grew up watching "Da Bears", but he and his wife, Andrea, fell in
love with Australia and Footy on their first visit to the World Police and
Fire Games in Melbourne in 1995, where Sid won a silver medal for wrestling.
While Sid was a fire fighter in Dayton, Ohio, Sid and Andrea got hooked on
the USAFL when they went to the first National Championship in Cincinnati,
in 1998. Sid thinks that the league web site ( is to
blame for his interest and excitement with the league and footy in the US.
Today, Sid's day job for the United States Public Health Service, National
Disaster Medical System, Office of Emergency Preparedness, keeps him pretty
busy. He is the program manager for communications and information
resources. He manages a volunteer staff of over 200 people from all over
the country. Recently he has worked in New York at Ground Zero after
September 11, in Washington DC giving out Cipro to Postal workers after the
Anthrax attacks, and Salt Lake City overseeing emergency preparation for the
2002 Winter Olympics. Despite these very busy few months, Sid is very
thrilled about taking on his new role as Executive Director for the USAFL:
"I'm looking forward to a busy year with USFooty. I'm looking for input
from all levels of the organization in order to consistently improve the
USAFL." Sid is also excited about putting on a jumper and playing
some footy. Andrea Caesar is also enthusiastic about her new positions,
"I'm very honored to be involved in such a great organization. I'm looking
forward to meeting a lot of great people."

Other new members of the Executive Board are Chris Adams (Secretary) and
Ryan Richardson (Treasurer). Chris Adams was born in Melbourne, Australia
and has recently moved to Arlington, Virginia to work for the Federal Trade
Commission. Chris holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of
Wisconsin - Madison. Chris' Australian footy experience is limited to the
East Ringwood U13 3rds. In the US, he played two years for the Milwaukee
Bombers, and he is now a member of the Baltimore/Washington Eagles. Ryan
started playing footy with the St. Louis Blues in 1997 and eventually served
the Blues as Vice President and President. After the 2000 season, Ryan and
his wife, Kristie, moved to San Mateo, California and Ryan became a
member of the Santa Cruz Roos. He serves as the USAFL delegate for the
Roos. Ryan took over from former St. Louis Blues teammate Cameron Murray as
USAFL Treasurer during the 2001 season, when Cameron moved to London. Ryan
holds an MBA and JD, both from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and is
currently working as a financial analyst in the Bay Area.

- Andrea Caesar

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