Revolution Selection

Revolution selection matches 2002 - request for host club bids.

The USAFL invites member clubs to bid for the right to host regional
Revolution selection matches in early 2002, one proposed for each of the
three USAFL regions. These matches will see a team made up of Revolution
squad members play against a team of all-comers, consisting of the best
Australian and non-squad members from that region. This format will allow
prospective Revolution players to show their wares against a strong
opposition, and will play an important part in the selection of the final
squad for Melbourne.

The time line for Melbourne necessitates the selection of the final squad
by April 30th, therefore these selection matches are slated for March/April
of 2002. Interested host clubs are asked to indicate such to the USAFL as
soon as possible, since match scheduling will need to be finalised by
December 15th 2002. The USAFL calendar for March/April 2002 sees several
unavailable dates; March 2-3 (West umpire/coach clinic), March 30-31
(Easter) and April 13-14 (Admin conference). The proposed dates are

March 9-10, 16-17, 23-24

April 6-7, 20-21, 27-28 (if needed)

Clubs are requested to indicate their interest for any of these dates, and
submit a proposal detailing the available facilities for matches, pre-match
training sessions, social functions and match videotaping.

Chris Adams

USAFL Secretary

- Chris Adams

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