American Revolution 2002

Nomination Process - deadline December 15 2001

The USAFL invites nominations for the 2002 American Revolution squad, in
anticipation of the selection of a team to travel to Melbourne in August
2002 for the inaugural International Cup. Further details of the selection
process will be forthcoming, but for now the USAFL requests that all
interested players fill in an on-line registration form at the following
site -

Every potential player must fill in a nomination form. This includes all
members of the London travelling party, and all players brought to the
selector's attention at the nationals. We need certain basic contact and
footy information and this method will allow the collection and updating of
these records in a consistent fashion. Players who are unsure if they can go
(e.g. time off work, cost) must still nominate now. This is the only method
by which nominations will be accepted. Players without email addresses must
put someone else down as their contact point.

Since the videos taken at the 2001 nationals will be used to assess
players, we ask that each player check that their jumper numbers shown in
the official program were the actual ones used in those matches, and
indicate in the last field on the form which matches they played in at the

Nominations will close December 15th, 2001.

Gary Hill, for the 2002 Revolution Selection Committee

- Gary Hill

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