Rich and Sheri Return to Australia

Rich Mann, past President, and Sheri Archer, past Secretary and Executive
Director are moving back to Australia. The following well wishes come from
the clubs throughout the country.


Best of luck with your move back to Australia. This must be a very exciting
time for you and your family. On behalf of the Philadelphia Crows, I would
like to pass on our sincerest thanks for your efforts with US Footy during
the past several years. Your diligence and hard work has been much
appreciated, and will be missed by all of us here in the States.


The Philadelphia Crows

Thanks to Rich and Sheri,

USfooty has much to thank Rich and Sheri for. Rich stood up to be President
in September, 1999 and has worked tirelessly ever since. The best thing
that Rich ever did was bring Sheri into the USAFL. The last four Nationals
have Sheri's fingerprints all over them and she did an amazing job as our
first Executive Director in 2001. As a league we will sorely miss both of
them. As friends they will be missed even more.


Paul O'Keeffe, USAFL Founding President

PS: Plus I will miss Sheri's daily phone call.

There's simply no way to thank Rich and Sheri in just a few words for all they've done for us. They've bent over backwards
to help us out, never failing to come through -- and believe us, we've put their countless skills to the test with some of our
requests. The Dallas Magpies thank them for their selfless service to the USAFL and the member clubs and wish them
all the best in the future. Good on you, Rich and Sheri!

Rich & Sheri,

Thank you for all the time and hard work you have put into the league.
You have no idea how much myself and the rest of the Kookaburras
appreciated your efforts.

Good luck back in OZ, and please keep in touch.


Mike P

Sheri & Rich, The Nashville Kangaroos wish you both all the very very best
in your future endeavors back in Australia. Your contribution to footy in
the US has been enormous and you both have left very large shoes to fill.
Footy here was indeed lucky to have such dedicated and hard working people
supporting it. You will be sorely missed. Good luck and keep in touch!

The Nashville Kangaroos

I would like to congratulate Rich and Sheri for the great jobs they have done in developing Australian
Rules Football in the United States over the past 5 years.

Rich played an incredible role in developing the field of play in the US with his great on field
leadership, fairness and his enthusiasm for the game. Rich not only lead Cincinnati well in the early
years but would often switch teams to make the competition more even. Rich played with the Louisville
Cats and the Nashville Kangaroos when numbers were needed and this exemplified his spirit of fair play
and promotion of the sport as whole. This spirit continued throughout his Presidency with the
development of Umpire and Coaching Clinics that have become a key aspect for the growth of the game.

Sheri is also to be congratulated on developing the administrative engine room of the USAFL. Sheri
created a level of professionalism with her position as Executive Director that was recognized from
Vendor to Sponsor. Sheri developed a great national level of communication that did not previously
exist and although the e-mails were numerous every club in the country always new where the League
was, what was coming up, and what was expected of the Club.

I personally developed a great working with relationship with Sheri over the last 12 months ranging
from Software needs of the USAFL to general discussions on sponsorship, events, volunteers, and many
other areas that are critical to our sports success. Sheri was always ready to talk and discuss items and
issues whether they were big to a small club or small to a big club with a level of professionalism to all
clubs that was very much appreciated.

On behalf of the Nashville Kangaroos I would like to wish Rich and Sheri the very best in their
upcoming life in Australia.


Peter J. Beare

Board Chairman

Nashville Kangaroos, Inc.

Rich & Sheri - On behalf of the Seattle Cats, thanks for all your efforts
over the past few years in guiding Aussie Rules in the US to what it is

Matt Muller - President, Seattle Cats

Dear Rich and Sheri,

The NC Tigers would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the profound impact you have
had on the game of Aussie Rules in this country. The USAFL would not be where it is today without
your untiring commitment to the sport.

Thank you both, and good luck in your future in Australia.

Glenn Fullager,

President, NC Tigers.

Sheri and Rich,

Thanks for everything you have both done for the league. Your support to
all teams, large and small, has helped secure the development of this great
game in the US. Fortunately for everyone, your contributions to the
league's will not end and your efforts in the coming years will be as
appreciated in the future as in the past.

Kansas City Power Australian Rules Football Club

Rich, I just want to say thanks for your effort and your vision as you
guided the USAFL the last couple of years. Thanks also for your help keeping
our club going in the early days, we'll always be grateful.

Sheri, thanks for all your patience and hard work. I know sometimes that I
was your own personal cross to bear.

Good luck to you both,

Trevor Church

Louisville Australian Football Club

Richie and Sherri:

Come back!

Denver Bulldogs ARFC

Rich and Sheri,

thank you so much for all your hard work for the past
few years. Under your guidance and leadership, the
USAFL has grown in leaps and bounds, not only in
regard to the numbers of players and teams involved,
but also in regard to the solidification of the
internal structure of the league. Particularly Sheri,
your persistence and dedication (some may say
"nagging") to administrative duties has ensured a
level of professionalism, such that we can truly call
ourselves an organization (the emphasis on
organized!). Good luck back in Oz and with whatever
the future throws at you.

Julian Callachor, Chicago Swans

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