AFL Letter

AFL Letter

4 October 2001

Dear Richard,

Annual General Meeting

I am really disappointed that I cannot deliver personally this message to your delegates but given the current world crisis and difficulties associated with travel I trust that your delegates will be understanding of our decision not to attend the AGM and National Championships.

On behalf of the AFL, can I again congratulate the USAFL and their constituent clubs and teams on having another year of growth. It is great to read in your quarterly newsletters the activities at each club and the enthusiasm with which people embrace the AFL game. I would hope that many of the volunteers who keep our game going have received the Volunteer Recognition Certificate, signed by Wayne Jackson and our Volunteer Ambassador, Kevin Sheedy. (135 certificates have recently been forwarded to your clubs for distribution.)

I am pleased that the USAFL is implementing a national development plan, coordinated through Greg Everett, to generate interest and awareness of our game at late primary and early secondary school ages. This is essential for the growth of the game and to ensure that the senior competition is underpinned by a strong junior competition.

On behalf of the AFL, can I thank all clubs for their contribution to growing the game in the USA. It is not an easy task and we do appreciate all the volunteer work that the clubs undertake. Can I thank both Richard Mann and Paul OKeefe for their regular contact with us and to congratulate Sheri Archer not only on the quantity but also the quality of her work as Secretary of the USAFL.

The AFL thanks you all for your season 2001 and looks forward to next season and receiving your team for the AFL International Cup in August 2002.

Yours sincerely

Ross Smith

Dr Ross Smith

General Manager

Game Development

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