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The Club Administrators conference held over Easter was a huge success with everyone learning a lot. Here's some of the feeback:

On behalf of the Nashville Kangaroos Football Club, I would like to formally thank and congratulate you all on an incredibly successful weekend. The conference provided a fantastic forum for clubs to come together and share ideas on how to grow and manage this sport that we all love.

As a club we were proud to participate in such a professional and well organized event and extend our congratulations to you all on a job well done.

The Nashville Kangaroos are proud to be part of the growth of footy and proud to be members of the USAFL

Again, thanks and congratulations.

Shane Clohesy.


Nashville Kangaroos A.R.F.C.

As secretary of Baltimore Washington I too would like to echo Shane's kind
words. I honestly believe we have cemented a strong grounding to move
forward as a united force to improve and expand Aussies Rules in the USA.


Sue Weeks

B/W Eagles Secretary


Hey guys, Thank you for having BeareWare at the USFooty Administration Conference. The Conference was very professional ran from start to finish - and without a doubt BeareWare and USFooty came up with some great future software ideas, as well as what appeared to be very motivated Clubs in terms of using the system and building their clubs.

Congratulations on a great weekend.




Business Solutions

Sports & Recreational Software

Sheri, On behalf of the St. Louis Blues, I would like to thank you as well for the excellent conference. Your efforts were very much noticed and appreciated.

Jim Martin

St. Louis Blues

Sheri, I can't tell you how valuable the Conference was to myself and Phoenix. I've been on the phone all week talking to the Phoenix board members about the conference. You did a great job putting the whole thing together for us. This is just the start of something of great impact to Australian Football in the US. Thank you and the board for all the hard work on and at the Conference. I'm very proud to have participated. I'm looking forward to the future of Footy in the US.


John Meier

Phoenix Scorpions

Sheri, Just a quick note to congratulate yourself and the board for a great admin. conference. The professionalism shown by the league is second to none. The success of footy is guaranteed by the foundation you are building. Well done!!!



Sheri and Rich, Thank you for a great conference. It was very well organized and it really did a good job of showing us how we can use the USAFL to our team's benefit. Thank you again for all your time and work.


Mike Powers



On behalf of the Dallas Magpies, I want to thank you and the board for all your efforts on our behalf. It often is a thankless job, and that's a shame because we really do appreciate your hard work.

For a first-ever event, the Administrators Conference went phenomenally well. Even though we had our differences, it was great to see everyone's passion for growing the game here in the states.

Congratulations on a job well done.


Scott Hunt. Dallas Magpies

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