Footy trip to Australia

To all Australian Rules Football Clubs in the United States:

I hope that everyone is preparing earnestly for the National Titles in
October. I'm sure looking forward to seeing everyone in L.A. and hoping
it will be a fun weekend with plenty of high standard football games.
Rules is certainly growing rapidly in this country, with the hard work
already done by so many people, we have already achieved so much more than
think many people would have thought! Let's keep up the great work.

One of my personal goals in my involvement over here is to do what I can to
help achieve a higher level of competition in this country and to let the
AFL know that we are serious about footy over here in the States. That
the case, and with my own personal endeavors here in the U.S. I could
of nothing more productive (and definitely enjoyable) than to take a group
of American players to Australia in March to play a handful of games
Aussie teams. Another great aspect of the trip will be to spend time at and
around players and coaches at the top level of our game. Making a trip like
this happen will certainly go a long way to achieving those goals. Further
to that, spending time in Australia may be a fantastic experience to those
who've never been before. What better way to visit Australia than to travel
with a like minded group of people all interested in some fun and

The Ansett Cup Grand Final, which we will attend, takes place on Saturday
March 17. This along with our own games, will be the highlight. The trip
will take place from Tuesday March 6th until Monday March 26th and will
include a wide variety of activities from football (of course with training
included), golf, casinos, horse racing, nightlife, sightseeing, camping,
and much more.

I have already contacted some AFL clubs in regard to this trip and they
been more than willing to help in any way possible. The Carlton F.C. have
offered to give us a tour of their facilities and meeting players and
coaches is something that we will be doing as a part of this tour.
AFL training sessions is another part of the overall package, which will be
of great benefit to everyone.

The cost of the trip is still yet to be determined but will include the



Some food (up to 50% of meals)


Golf (if applicable)

Entry to applicable events

An estimate of the cost will be around $3,000 to $4,000 (ballpark guess)

I already have commitments from three players in California. For this trip
to go ahead I imagine we need at least 20 players (the very least) to be on
board. Should anyone require any further information please feel free to
contact me at my email address which is

This will be an awesome experience guys, so let's get together and have

Christopher Stiegler

Coach San Diego Lions

- Chris Stiegler

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