USA Junior Team victory

Things here are great! We have had a slow start that resulted in two lost
games that were played only a few hrs. After we arrived. Our first lost game
was to Denmark and was close most of the match. Our kids played hard by in the
last 5 minutes we just ran out of steam and ended the game with a score of
Denmark 7-3-45 and the USA 2-7-19. In the second game we also played tough and
hung in there till the last 5 minutes and lost to a good act team with A.C.T (Australian Capital Territory)
5-4-34 and the USA 2-4-16.

But after the great Paul Roos coaching, Team USA took a turn for the better
and stunned everyone with an upset win against A.C.T. It was usa 1-3-9 and A.C.T
0-3-3. We were now 1 and 2 and on our way. Again the Paul Roos coaching took
effect and we travelled down to the coast at Batemans Bay to play the first of
a round robin. We played the A.C.T team and won with USA 5-7-37 and A.C.T 0-1-1.
We then played the Sapphire Coast team and came out the winner USA 2-2-14 and
Sapphire Coast 1-1-7. We are now 3 and two over all but more importantly we
are 3 and 1 in the tournament with a chance to play in the finals on Friday.
We play Thursday in the rain vs Sapphire Coast and are looking for a very
tough game.

Jeff Norris

- Jeff Norris

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