Great Southern Womens Footy Challenge

As part of the prepartion for the US Freedom's historic trip to Australia in August, four teams from around the country met in Atlanta GA over the May 2/3 weekend and participated in the Great Southern Women's Footy Challenge. In the first hit out of the year for most players saw Atlanta play host to Arizona/Denver/Baltimore-Washington, Milwaukee, and New York.

The day started off with a training session for the US Freedom.  After running two miles and doing skills tests, the players had to strap on their boots for two games.

A special thanks to all players who travelled to Atlanta, to Freedom Coach, Wayne Krazka, USAFL Womens Footy Portfolio member, Kathryn Hogg and everyone involved for their efforts over the weekend. Our womens program keeps getting bigger and better and the USAFL is very proud of what everyone is doing to grow womens footy.

For more on the weekend visit the Womens Footy  and the Milwaukee Bombers site too.

The Milwaukee Womens team

All participants at the Great Southern Womens Footy Challenge


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