Last night on the highest rating sports tv show, ESPN ( ), Aussie Punter, Ben Graham, was interviewed by Chris Berman. Berman, winner of the prestigious Pat Summerall Award for display of character, integrity and leadership on and off the field at the Super Bowl, interviewed Ben as part of his “2 Minute Drill”.

Stating Graham is the first ever Aussie to play in the superbowl, he interviewed Ben face to face, initially asking him to compare the two footballs. Berman asked which ball was easiest to kick, to which Ben replied “ an aussie rules football by far, this one (referring to an American football he was holding) is too narrow, too pointy, it’s designed to throw”.

A short replay from a Geelong game from well over 10 years ago showed the iconic figure of an Australian Goal Umpire, resplendent in the traditional white lab coat and hat, signaling a goal.

Berman went on to ask Graham about what this signal means. Graham replied “It’s kind of similar to a touch down signal (whilst performing the motion himself on camera) – it means six points, or a goal”.


Mike Helm of the Cardinals organization, who has been handling Ben’s media and communications, stated he has been amazed by the attention Ben is receiving. No doubt with the keen interest from Australia, Ben Graham may well be the most watched NFL Punter in history.


Everyone within the entire usfooty family wishes Ben the very best for Sunday.



- Rich Mann

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