Introducing the Odin Mortgage Coaches Polls!

The 2024 season is upon us.  A six month journey from training and travel to the 26th USAFL Nationals in Austin, Texas.

Nearly fifty men’s teams and thirty women’s teams from coast-to-coast will take to ovals across the country in search of Ws and the sweet taste of victory beverages.

With all of these teams playing differing schedules of varying lengths and such, the standard for which clubs are the best tends to vary.

Several years ago, we introduced the USAFL Top 20 Poll, where a panel of experts voted on who was the creme-de-la-creme of the league.  And now, with the help of Odin Mortgage, we’re bringing it back… but with a twist!

Introducing the Odin Mortgage USAFL Coaches Poll!

Once a month, each of the coaches across the USAFL will cast their votes for the best men’s and women’s teams in the country.  The Men’s Top 20 Poll and Women’s Top 10 Poll will be published in the middle of each month starting in May and ending in September.

The poll will be similar to those used in college football and basketball; each panelist will rank their picks from 1-to-20, with teams earning points based on where they’re picked by each voter.

The Odin Mortgage USAFL Coaches Polls will serve two purposes.  Firstly, it will be a way to drive debate among players and fans, and build intrigue during the regular season in the lead up to October in Austin.

More important than bragging rights, however: while the Nationals seeding committee will have complete and final say as to Nationals divisions and pool seedings, the polls will be used as one of many tools by the committee.

Before the May poll is tabulated next Friday, we wanted to show where everyone stood heading into this season.  This first set of polls is based on how teams finished at the 2023 USAFL Nationals, with some thoughts from’s Brian Barrish as to how they’ll fare this season.

Buckle up, friends, it’s gonna be a great season.


1) Austin Crows
The opportunity to set the new Men's D1 title record on home soil will be mouthwatering. But they have six months and pretty much every other team in the league standing between now and then.

2) Denver Bulldogs
Since 2021: Three wins against Austin during the regular season, three losses against them at Nationals. They've shown they're capible of being the best team in the national, now they have to do it on Nationals Sunday.

3) Golden Gate Roos
Best team in the West until someone manages to wrench that mantle out of their hands. Still one of the biggest troves of American talent in the league, and depending on their path and depth may make a GF return after six years.

4) New York Magpies
Best team in the East until someone manages to wrench that mantle out of their hands. Super Regionals in Ohio should produce a bettr showing, though they need to be consistent if they want to be there on Sunday afternoon.

5) Boston Demons
A team has had a pretty strong veteran Australian presence over the years, and one that is flexing its depth. They're a mid-range D1 side that looks to recall its halcyon days of the USAFL.

6) Los Angeles Dragons
Going to be another battle hardened year for the men in blue and silver, and they're going to be a force to reckon with at the SoCal Cup. A good showing there and at Regionals will catapult them into a contender role in D1

7) San Diego Lions
Another side that schedules challenging encounters throughout the season and has the chops to be competitive in D1. Their skills hearken back memories of their Grand Final years and perhaps they might get back there in time.

8) Sacramento Suns
Fitting that the Suns are flying as high as they are after an annus mirabilis in 2023. Now the question will be how will they do against the league's elite, and there are signs pointing towards more improvement year long.

9) Seattle Grizzlies
Very unlucky not to pinch the D2 Grand Final from Sacto last year, the Grizzlies have to believe that they're the favorites this year, and they have the defensive talent and goal kicking chops to do it.

10) Baltimore Dockers
Usually the heaviest schedule of any team in the league. The Dockers have already scored straight victories at the Mid-Atlantic Cup, and if they can add a couple more at Super Regionals then they may challenge Seattle in D2

11) DC Eagles
Three years removed from winning D2, the Eagles are back down at D2 and will have to put on a strong showing if they want to return to the top. They have a good core of American players that should help them.

12) Minnesota Freeze
One of the more creative teams in the league with American veterans like McLuen, Fischer, Mergen, and Fashant that seem to age like a fine wine. Should challenge for a medal at Super Regionals and play strongly at Nats.

13) Houston Lonestars
It's been a decade of treading water in Division 2, but National level talent and strong talls make the Lonestars a traditionally tough foe. Confidence against better teams will be the key to unlocking how they do this year.

14) Columbus Cats
Largely American team that has emerging talent that will be wearing red, white and blue in Toronto in August. They'll love hosting Super Regionals and will have a deep side that will hope to pick up a title.

15) Philadelphia Hawks
Philly is experiencing their best stretch in their history - three titles in five years. Jon Loring's team is tough and knows the game. If they can bring a full side to Austin, they can rattle a few cages in Division 2.

16) Oklahoma Buffaloes
A good run in 2023 that came up one game short, against a Philly team that like them is one of the more consistent lower level sides. They may have some Revos reps at the TAC but that will set them up for another good season.

17) North Texas Devils
Every year builds experience for the Devils and I'm saying it now - 2024 will be their coming out party. They look better and better with each game they play, and their talent keeps congealing.

18) Arizona Hawks
Arguably one of the fastest teams in D3/D4, Arizona loves to challenge itself with D1 and D2 competition through the year, and it shows. Three straight GFs in 2019-22 will have them eyeing a return this season.

19) Nashville Kangaroos
A speedy, athletic club that is coming off of a Super Regionals D2 title; the Roos are talented and they too always play a meaty schedule. They're a firm D3 team but they will contend in Austin with the numbers.

20) Chicago Swans
The Swans have been paired with different teams at the last few tournaments and on each occasion, they seem like the fit like hand in glove. Here's hoping they can bring numbers to Austin hand have a red hot crack.


1) Golden Gate Iron Maidens
The higher up the mountain they go, the steeper the challenge. Now the all-time queens of USAFL football, their quest to forge their new championship record will get tougher.

2) Minnesota Freeze
Arguably the hardest working team in the country, the Freeze have tasted victory over the Maidens and will overrun any team that tries to prevent them from getting to the top this year.

3) Seattle Grizzlies
Still an elite women's team despite their showing at Nationals in 2023, the Grizzlies look to remain competitive if they can maintain their depth through the season and into Nationals.

4) Denver Bulldogs
Probably one or two pieces from being back in the Grand Final, but newer recruits such as Rita Hill will keep them in the conversation for the title for the forseable future.

5) Austin Crows
With a home Nationals, top level talent, and a boom in recruiting, it would be surprising not to see them in D1 this season, and perhaps stamping themselves into the race for the top two.

6) New York Magpies
It was an up-and-down 2023, but the 'Pies always seem to recruit experienced Aussies and raw American talent year after year. You can't let up against them for one second or they'll pounce.

7) Houston Lonestars
Fingers crossed that they're able to recruit and bring good numbers to each game and then to Nationals in Austin. They have newer players with huge potential and a good supporting cast.

8) Sacramento Suns
Still very talented on the defensive side, but the moving of Jenna Taipaleti up into the forwards for club and country gave them strength and scoring up front. Should be a solid D2 entity through the year.

9) DC Eagles
Nationals belied an overall good season by the Eagles, who gave everyone hell all year long. Their recruiting has gotten stronger and their skills keep getting better with each passing season.

10) North Texas Devils
An integral part of the combo D2 win with Austin at Nats, the Devils will push hard to build up their numbers this year ahead of another home state Nationals. And they have a great foundation to do so.

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