USAFL 25th Anniversary Club Teams

2022 was a big year for the USAFL. We proudly celebrated our 25 th Anniversary of the League. We have come along way from our first Nationals in 1997. To celebrate the 25 th we hosted a special Gala evening where we unveiled many awards and some fantastic videos highlighting the growth of the USAFL.

To reflect on the 25 th we will be publishing a series of articles leading up to the 2023 Nationals that highlight all the awards. Let’s start with the Club teams of the 25 th . We asked each Club to select their best team representing the
history of each Club. If the Club has a Women’s team, we asked for a Women’s team to be selected. In some cases, Club’s decided to select a Co-ed team. We left that up to the Club. In addition, we asked the Clubs to select their Coaches and Support staff as well. It takes a village to get a team on the field, especially in a burgeoning league with a massive geographical distance challenge. Let’s celebrate what it takes to play footy in the USA.

We have 33 different teams representing the history, strength and diversity of the League. This is over 1,000 players, coaches and supporters who have given the great game of Australian Football a toehold in the United States. Enjoy taking a look and I hope you find your name on a team.


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