USAFL 2022 Committee Request for Applicants

The USAFL is looking to fill positions on our 2022 committees! 

Our league is a wealth of experience, passion, and brilliant ideas. The below committees, focusing on specific key areas, are a great way for our community to contribute to our mission. 

We’re seeking committee members with specific experience and qualifications to join the below work groups. Please take some time to review the below categories and submit your expression of interest via this form by February 25th, 2022. 

Chairs will also be reaching out directly to potential members to fill spots.Committee members will be notified of selection by early March. 


Constitutional Review 

Committee Chair: Lauren Skonieczny 

The Constitutional Review committee has the goal of reviewing the current USAFL constitution and bringing the document up to date and in line with other league and non-profit standards. The group will also develop a set of best practices for future boards and compile and clarify current policies. 

Requested experience and skills: 

● Nonprofit management 

● Previous work on organization constitutions and bylaws 

● Experience on nonprofit boards 

● Legal experience 



Committee Chairs: Christina Sobral, Makenzie Adamo 

The Recruitment committee goals are to establish best practices for recruitment and retention of athletes and supporters. This committee would work in collaboration with the Women’s Association to collate a best practices guide and welcome packet for existing & new USAFL clubs. 

Requested Experience/ Skills: 

● Active USAFL Club member or supporter 

● Historical recruitment achievements within your club 

● Ability to meet at monthly intervals 

● Actively participate in discussion and projects 

● Provide relevant input & innovative ideas 

● Experience starting a new club that is thriving with recruitment/retention

Safety Committee 

Committee Chair: Sherri Nolan 

The Safety Committee is being filled through direct outreach to club safety officers. 

This year’s tasks include continued monitoring of COVID-19 and guidance to the USAFL Board, developing and deploying safety guidelines around footy readiness, advising on safe return to play and injury prevention, and collecting and deploying best practices around the League. For more information, contact your club’s safety officer or email


Club Management 

Committee Chair: Dave Bryant 

The Club Management committee will be responsible for collating a set of best practices and recommendations for creating and managing USAFL member clubs. This committee will be filled by direct outreach. Please email Dave Bryant for more information:

Click here to submit your expression of interest.


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