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The men’s USA Australian Rules national team, USA Revolution, is accepting nominations for the 2020 Hall of Fame Class.  Nominations will remain open until October 31st.

The team played its first match in 1999 and was coached by Australian Football Hall of Fame member and foremost advocate of international talent development, Paul Roos. Since then, more than 300 players have played for the Revolution, fielding teams in all International Cups (02, 05, 08, 11, 14, 17), Parallel Cups (match against Canada), Atlantic Alliance Cup (London 2001), Ireland 2018 and other special-event matches. The Revolution placed 4th at the 2017 International Cup (best finish 2005 3rd place) and is preparing for the 2021 International Cup.

The 2017 Inaugural Class included Charlie Ellis, Chris “Candy” Candeleria, Adonis “Donnie” Lucero, Jason Becker, Steve Budrick, Matt Dainauski, Brad Rinklin, Jeff Purcell, and Tom Ellis.

Says current coach and former player Tom Ellis, “The USA Revolution Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those members of US Australian Rules Football National team who, by virtue of their contributions, are of such significant stature that they are considered to be among the most highly regarded contributors to the promotion and development of the program. It’s important we maintain a connection to the great history of the program.”  

Hall of Fame members Brad Rinklin, Matty Dainauski, and Jeff Purcell, constitute the Committee. Says first International Cup team captain, Jeff “Fingers” Purcell, “It’s great to recognize those who contributed to this program. The Hall of Fame allows us to preserve Revo history and honor the legacy of the people who have been integral to building the program that represents the USAFL on the world stage.”

The Committee is accepting nominations until October 31st and may include both players and non-players. The committee shall consider a candidate’s outstanding service and overall contribution to the program in determining a candidate’s eligibility for induction into the Hall of Fame.

An official announcement of inductees will occur in December.

To submit a nomination, please go here: NOMINATION FORM

Selection Criteria for Induction into the Australian Football Hall of Fame

For a player to be eligible, they must have participated in an officially sanctioned senior Revolution game (International Cup, Parallel Cup, Atlantic Alliance Cup 2001, Balmain Tigers 2004, Australian All-Star 2006).  Future Revolution trips will be added to this list as they occur. The player must have played their last game no less than 5 years prior to nominations and a minimum of 10 games.

The committee may consider a candidate’s individual record, games played, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character. Candidates may be judged on the basis of their overall contribution to the program as opposed to one specific aspect.

Non-players may be nominated to the Hall of Fame. The committee shall consider a candidate’s outstanding service and overall contribution to the program in determining a candidate’s eligibility.

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