USAFL Player Injury Survey

Dear USAFL Footballers!

For a second year the USAFL is running a survey to learn about the injuries that occur each footy season. The goal of collecting this injury information is to guide prevention efforts. As players we all want to have fun playing footy, but also have to go to work on Monday, so if the USAFL can build prevention methods to help us do both then everyone wins! Prevention can come in many ways, from umpire and coaching education to injury prevention warm-ups, even rule changes if necessary. The survey is anonymous and should only take around 5 minutes, but the information you provide is massive for the league!

Survey Link.

Thank you so much for your time!!

Amy Arundale and the USAFL Women’s Association

P.s. If you are interested in the results from the survey’s first year email or keep you eyes open for the next edition of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy as the results will be published in abstract form.

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