Revos to Make Summer Tour of Ireland

The USA Revolution is Proud to announce they will be traveling to Dublin Ireland July 28-August 5th 2018. 

The Revolution will take a squad mostly consisting of developmental players. Most of this squad barely missed out on making the Revolution team that placed 4th in last year’s International Cup. They are all eager to show the USA that they are deserving and will look to make an impression leading up to the next cup in 2020.

Over the week the Revolution plans on playing 3 games. Working with Ireland AFL the Revolution plans on laying the groundwork for many more International trips in the coming years. Ireland has always been a powerhouse of AFL Football and we cannot be happier to come and play the best. We look forward to building a great alliance and making this a regular competition in the future.

The Revolution first played Ireland in the Atlantic Alliance Cup in 2001 when they traveled to London. It was an incredible first trip and really did kick off a great rivalry with the 2 countries. Although they have played each other at multiple cups, this will be the first time to play each other in Ireland.

Irish Warriors Head Coach, Brian Currane, said “We are delighted to be hosting the Revolution here in Dublin and look forward to seeing our developmental squad players perform at international level, and to see how the players perform and fit in, especially with the European Championships taking place in late 2019.”

Brian went on to say “We are definitely excited in the prospect of making this a regular competition between the US and Ireland and look forward to returning the trip in the next couple of years”.

We will announce the final squad in the coming weeks.

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Tom Ellis 
Head Coach
USA Revolution

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