2000 US National Team

Congratulations to all players selected for the 2000 American Revolution!

The selection process has been difficult. We had over 60 players who
registered and with involvement from selectors throughout the country we
have narrowed the list down to 25 (plus alternates). It is a credit to the
growth of the sport that selection was such a difficult process due to so many
players deserving of selection. It bodes well for the future.

Our original selection timeline had the official selection period ending on
May 30th and the announcement of the team on June 15th. Due to the hard
work of the selection committee we are in the position that we can announce
the team 15 days early. This will allow extra time for all players to
organise their travel plans.

We look forward to fielding this extremely talented team in Toronto!


Jason Amstutz (Lehigh Valley)

Jon Bacon (Boston)

Jim Baldwin (Denver)

Adam Benson (Santa Cruz)

Marty Curry (Inland Empire)

Shaun Danhouser (Chicago)

Charlie Ellis (Denver)

Tom Ellis (Denver)

Russell Flynn (Los Angeles)

Gary Green (San Diego)

Jay Hunter (Washington/Baltimore)

Dustin Jones (Lehigh Valley)

Drew King (North Carolina)

Deron Lien (Inland Empire)

Donnie Lucero (Orange County)

Ron Miller (Chicago)

Brian Nickel (Inland Empire)

Chris Olson (Inland Empire)

Brian Perkins (Seattle)

Chris Stiegler (San Diego)

Kyle Strenski (Cincinnatti)

David Thurmond (Orange County)

Justin Todd (Milwaukee)

Lance Van Putten (Nashville)

Kyle Wier (Denver)

Alternate list:

Clay Atkins (Santa Cruz)

Toby Baum (Phoenix)

Jason Becker (Milwaukee)

Robert Beyersdorf (Detroit)

James Campbell (Orange County)

Adam Clark (Cincinnatti)

Matt Dainauski (Denver)

Adam Hand (Los Angeles)

Zach Holway (Orange County)

Jay Loring (Lehigh Valley)

Josh Loring (Lehigh Valley)

Tommy Ruyle (Boston)

- Gary Hill, Revolution Coach

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