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On April 15 the Swans will kick off their 2000 season with an away game at Cincinnati. This looks to be the first of what will likely be a season that has the Swans playing in more than 30 games between April and the national championships. In an attempt to establish the MAAFL and "league" play within the Midwest, the Swans will play each area team either home or away this season and then visit this year's home opponents next season. This league schedule will include Milwaukee, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, and Detroit. Additional single home and away games will be added against Milwaukee, Minneapolis and the newly formed Illinois Ironmen. These single games should total about 10-15 for the season.
The additional games will be played within tournament formats. The Swans will first travel to Denver on May 27 to renew their rivalry with the Bulldogs. Last season the Bulldogs soundly defeated the Swans at Kansas City but had to rally for a one point win at the national championships. The two teams will likely meet a second time this season when Chicago travels to the Kansas City tourney in June. Finally, Chicago will attend Detroit's inaugural tournament and host one of their own later in the summer.
The Swans also plan to increase social events for the upcoming season. The social calendar will begin on April 1 with jersey presentation night at Jack Sullivans, one of four sponsoring bars that will play host to Swans events this season. The team also plans to participate in an area 5km run later in the season. It is hoped that this will bring more exposure to the game and to our sponsors.
The Swans increased travel this season is made possible by their renewed sponsorship with Jacob's Creek Winery. Jacob's Creek has been instrumental in promoting the game of Aussie Rules in Chicago and in helping the Swans in bringing the world's most exciting game to other cities.

- Sean Quinn

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