USAFL Return To Footy Safely & COVID-19 Updates

The aim of these guidelines are to provide USAFL member clubs and players guidance for returning to football activities safely following the COVID-19 restrictions.  The information provided is a guide only – clubs must adhere to local requirements and ordinances when considering any return to football activities.

States will progressively return to normal activity over different timeframes with different requirements within their jurisdiction. As such, this framework applies specifically to individual USAFL clubs.  As your local jurisdiction approves community sports to proceed, the following return to footy phases should be applied:

In addition to these Safety Guidelines, the USAFL will be forming a Safety Task Force focused on continuously evaluating and updating guidelines for Clubs as they return to football. To do this effectively, the USAFL is looking for volunteers to participate in the Task Force, particularly individuals who have public health and policy experience. If you are willing to participate and have expertise that would be beneficial to the Task Force, please send a brief introduction to

To streamline the communication and to provide the most up to date information, we are asking that each Club nominates a Safety officer by June 15. This person’s role is critical for implementation of the Safety guidelines and regular communication with the USAFL Safety Task Force. The details are included in the document under the Club Safety Officer section.  

Please contact your Regional VP with any questions at all or concerns. East - Central - West -

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