2014 Philadelphia Hawks Exemption Request for Chris Naylor

Chris Naylor
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Chris played in 2 Metros and 1 EAFL game (4 pts) this year before a change in employment forced him to go back to Australia in June. He has played with the Hawks in 2 previous Nationals. Chris has not paid USAFL dues, but would if he knew he would be allowed to play. He would be traveling to the US from Australia specifically for Nationals.
League Ruling
We appreciate Chris' time in the USAFL. However, he should pay his dues to play in the USAFL (they are not a Nationals fee). When considering that he did not play enough games to earn points, nor pay his registration & will not be remaining in the US to play for Philly, his request is denied.
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