2013 Minnesota Freeze Exemption Request for Zachary Swan

Zachary Swan
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Zach has the same story like so many other exemption requests; he had logged various points throughout the year and like so many others needed and suited up for our home USAFL KC game to put him across the line with eligibility points. When they backed out he fell short. October 5th was a perfect opportunity for a lot of our guys who need points and get them over the line with eligibility points. When KC backed out it left a lot of guys short who we left on the sidelines in prior games. Combined with the fact he had job troubles and was unable to travel to away USAFL games it made the home USAFL games that much more important for Zach. The KC game (which was the last game of the year) would of been the catalyst and hence the reason for the exemption request.
League Ruling
Member since 2010. Has 5 points from games as early as June. Would have enough points except for the canceled Oct 5 KC game.
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