2013 Kansas City Power Exemption Request for Matthew Unger

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Matthew Unger
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
The number of points ranges from 2-8 for players, but those with only 2-4 credited to them have played in early season road trips to Des Moines, or early season home games. They are all paid in good standing with USAFL, but for most, the payment was not submitted until after the games were played, thus they did not receive credit. Each has attended at least 4 metro games as well, to account for another 2 points. Due to lack of administration within the club for 2013, the metro matches were not posted through USAFL. Our efforts and participation in the USAFL have been in good faith, and I ask that exemptions be made for those needing them. Thank you.
League Ruling
Would have enough points if he had registered earlier
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