2013 Houston Lonestars Exemption Request for Adam Ruggles

Adam Ruggles
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Adam is a National who has played for 3 years with the Houston Lonestars. Adam has played multiple USAFL games for Houston including May 11 against Austin, Mar 23 against Baton Rouge, and Sept 7 against Baton Rouge, as well as Metro games (All in LMS). Adam did not register with the USAFL until September as he was planning to be working outside the Houston area and unavailable to play AFL beyond September. He will now remain in Houston and be available to play with the Lonestars at Nationals. He was scheduled to play in the Texas cup home game in Houston on Sept 21 however the game was cancelled due to bad weather.
League Ruling
Player would have earned enough points had he registered earlier.
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