2014 Denver Bulldogs Exemption Request for Richard Mann

Richard Mann
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Rich has been a member of the Denver Bulldogs since 2000, a member of the USAFL since it’s beginning, has served for many years within the USAFL organization, and has attended every USAFL Nationals since 2000 as a member of the Bulldogs. Rich has attended most every Bulldog training throughout the year where has been a leader and coached many of our newer players. Despite his commitment, Rich was unable to qualify due to prior commitments and the cancellation of our August home match; the cancellation of one of our home matches by Portland prevented Rich from earning points in what would have been one of two home match opportunities, travel prevented Rich from attending our other home match against Dallas in September, family and travel commitments prevented Rich from traveling to OC or Des Moines. Rich was able to travel and represent the Bulldogs in our match in Kansas City, where he also volunteered to umpire other matches. We hope that through his continued commitment to the club and to the USAFL, Rich can be considered an exemption to continue to play in our Division 1 side for the Bulldogs this season.
League Ruling
As a Life Member & Hall of Fame inductee of the USAFL, Rich's request is granted.
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