2014 Denver Bulldogs Exemption Request for Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Paul started with the Bulldogs after moving to Denver from Chicago with his wife in the late spring of 2014. Paul attended a few training sessions in June and has attended training or metro games with the team twice per week since the beginning of August. Paul was away as a friend’s wedding during our home match on 9/6 against Dallas. Having played in sufficient metro games and at Kansas City, Paul would have qualified by playing in our other home match; however, the cancellation of our home match by Portland will leave Paul one USAFL game short of sufficient eligibility. We hope that for these reasons Paul can be considered an exemption to play in our Division 1 side for the Bulldogs this season.
League Ruling
In consideration of Paul's interstate move & his playing in enough local games, his request is granted
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