2022 DC Eagles Exemption Request for Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Tim Stevens Reason: Board miscommunication/ Two injuries Tim is a 6-year veteran Eagle, including Nationals in 2018 and 2021. He had pre-season shoulder surgery causing him to miss early season games such as Regionals. Also, similar to Mike Hoffman, Tim was under the impression that the Eagles were still paying USAFL registrations for our players. (We stopped due to the new payment structures eg Season Passes) This caused him to miss out on credit for: home vs NY on 7/16 and @Philadelphia on 7/30. He also unfortunately hurt his ankle in that 7/30 Philly game, thus had to miss Baltimore on 8/6 and @Denver on 8/20. After recovering he played 9/10 against Baltimore and 10/1 against the VA Lions. Please approve Tim. Thanks!
League Ruling
DB - Has played in 3 USAFL games this year however club did not pay bulk registrations this year.
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