2022 DC Eagles Exemption Request for Pascal Cooney

Pascal Cooney
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Pascal Cooney Reason: Mid-season transfer Pascal moved from Denver to D.C. this year after playing with the Bulldogs last year. He played for us in the Mid-Atlantic cup in Richmond on 6/25, and @Baltimore on 8/6 However since we didn't realize he had not yet switched his "home club", he never got credit for those games. (You can see him listed as an un-rego'd player however) Still, once we realized the transfer was needed, he managed to earn 4 points playing against his old club (Denver) on 8/20, and @NY on 9/17. Please approve Pascal. Thanks!
League Ruling
DB - Played for Denver in 2021 and switched to DC in 2022.
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