2014 Calgary Australian Football Club Exemption Request for Alexander Rowe

Alexander Rowe
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
My name is Alex Rowe and I joined the Calgary Kangaroos as soon as I landed in Canada in July 2014. I then registered for US nationals after playing my first Cowboys vs Bears games, since then I have played another 3 of those games as well as training twice a week with the team. I currently have 2 points but Im also playing against Edmonton this weekend which will give me another 2 points, four in total. However Vancouver were meant to come to Calgary last week to play which would have given me enough points to qualify for div 1 but because they pulled out I now won't be able to get enough points.
League Ruling
Granted. Copies of Alex's passport & entry date have been provided & corroborate with his request. They will also need to be presented in person at check in at Nationals for final confirmation. Vancouver pulling out of their scheduled game on Sep 6 was also considered.
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