2019 Austin Crows Exemption Request for Kenrick Tyrrell

Kenrick Tyrrell
Exemption Type: 
Eligibility Points
Kenrick has been at the Crows since the start of the 2015 season and has 5 total qualification points this season, one metro point short of qualifying. Kenrick has been injured for parts of the year and also played multiple games earlier in the season where he didn't accumulate USAFL points because he wasn't registered with the USAFL until July 8. These include: - match against Bogota, Colombia where Kenrick was the main orchestrator of this game on the Crows behalf (April 27) - 3 metro matches (all in May) - Texas Cup in Dallas (June 1) Other points of importance this year: - Kenrick was injured for a metro on August 22 where he umpired the match - Kenrick was injured for the Texas Cup on August 31 but filled in as head coach for the D1 team as Stef Barr (current head coach) was out of town - Kenrick was unable to make the match against Denver on Sep 14 as he was in Costa Rica renewing his work visa A few other notes about Kenrick: - Head coach of the Crows for the 2016 and 2017 seasons - Member of the Austin Crows board since 2016 - Has been to 95%+ of weekly trainings this year - 6 year veteran of the USAFL (he played a year of USAFL with the OC Giants in 2014) Kenrick is 1 metro point shy of qualifying. Please approve D1 exemption.
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Division I
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