Simon Boyce Interview with Big Footy

Australian footy deep in the heart of Texas

Story Courtesy – Jason Lassey

For this installment of the international footy series, I talked to Simon Boyce, the co-coach of the Austin Crows. For further information on US Footy you can check out the interview with Denis Ryan, the President of the USAFL here.

I wanted to get a cross section of the United States competitions, which due to the way clubs are created and the various forms of metro footy and other unique circumstances, will vary from area to area. This might be called part 2 of the USAFL series.

Simon originally hails from Mildura, where he played a bit of footy for Irymple. He moved to the United States when he was 18 and played some college tennis. When he tired of the tennis life, he found some guys who were having a bit of kick to kick in Austin. Its some way from there to the Austin Crows winning the US Nationals... 

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