Denis Ryan Interview with Big Footy

The Revolution has arrived – Australian Football in the United States

Story Courtesy – Jason Lassey

For this latest installment in the International Football series, we talked to Denis Ryan, the President of the USAFL., with other input provided by Simon Boyce, the co-coach of the Austin Crows.

The First ever match between two US Clubs was in 1996 between Cincinnati and Louisville. Most US players discovered the game via 1980s television. Since then USAFL clubs have played more than 3,200 matches with more than 300 matches in 2012 alone (source: USAFL 2012 Annual Report)

Denis Ryan is the newly elected President of the United States Australian Football League and a member of the USAFL Hall of Fame, with his specific role being to maintain a long term vision and aims to kick start the growth of the game in America. He’s served as player, coach and vice president of the Baltimore-Washington Eagles club as well as coaching the Revolution.

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