AIRFeet Insoles To Support the USAFL

The USAFL is pleased to announce a sponsorship agreement has been reached with AIRFeet Insoles. As part of the deal, USAFL players will receive a 25% discount on any qualifying purchase. In addition to supporting the league AIRFeet will also provide insoles to USAFL Umpire Association Umpires at no charge.

AIRfeet Insoles are DYNAMIC in design and engineered for the Balanced Athlete, providing you with a massive dose of therapeutic muscle and circulatory stimulation from your lower back, through your legs and into your feet. 

The incredibly thin design allows them to be placed right on top of whatever is already in your shoe. Whether that be a custom orthotic or existing footbed. 

The DYNAMIC AIRfeet designs use an Active Motion Technology™. Targeting not only  a multitude of foot related issues, but also ankle, knee, hip and lower back. 

The Active Motion Technology™ enables the insole to absorb the impacting energy from a heel, and then move rapidly across the arch ready to absorb the force of the impacting ball of the foot.

A percentage of all insoles purchased by USAFL players, supporters will go back to the league. Visit and enter coupon code USAFL25 to place your order.

AIRfeet...It's like walking on AIR!

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