May 5, 2006

USFooty Store Fire Sale Now On!

The First Ever USFooty Store Fire Sale has begun!  Almost every item in the store (excluding footballs and most USFooty Kids items) is reduced.

Check out the crazy prices NOW  -

Don't miss all the amazing $2 and $5 deals. 

Limited quantities on some merchandise.

Hurry - the sale ends May 30.

- Office Manager

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May 2, 2006

The May Newsletter has been Published

If you have not received your copy of the newsletter, please go to to ensure you get future copies of this great read.  If you wish to read the May newsletter (along with past newsletters) please go to the right hand column at

- Office Manager

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May 2, 2006

Register now for East West game

All players - American and Australian - who are interested in participating in the East West game to be held in Sarasota Florida on July 1,2,3 need to register online as soon as possible. Registration will be open until May 17. 

The East West game is the League equivalent of an All Stars Game.

The East nomination form is up at:

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May 1, 2006

Danny's Journal - April 4-9

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Apr 28, 2006

Denver's Schedule for 2006

New Years Metro League
Bruce Randolph Middle School, Denver CO

Jan 7th  - 14ers/FlatIrons Vs Moguls/Blizzards
Jan 21st  - 14ers/Blizzards Vs Moguls/FlatIrons
Jan 28th   - 14ers/Moguls Vs FlatIrons/Blizzards

Metro League
Bruce Randolph Middle School, Denver CO

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Apr 26, 2006

Founder's Thunder Cup Results

The Louisville Kings would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who were able to attend the first annual “Founders Thunder Cup” tournament.

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Apr 25, 2006

Danny's Journal March 26-April 3

Despite my illness and the long, boring days of resting, the weekend slipped by quite quickly. By Sunday, I felt real good as most of the symptoms began to subside. The swelling in my throat had completely gone away and my temperature seemed to have decided to stabilize at a comfortable zone. Man, now I know why Penicillin was praised as such a great scientific finding!

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Apr 25, 2006

International Rookies

AFL clubs have been encouraged to expand their recruiting beyond local shores, with a new scholarship scheme for international prospects.

The scheme— similar to that introduced for teenagers from Sydney this year — will enable clubs to sign up to two young players from overseas each season, including them on a separate list for international rookies. Until now, international recruits have had to be placed on a primary or rookie list, taking positions clubs have preferred to use on local, less speculative prospects.

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Apr 24, 2006

Match Report - N. Carolina Tigers v Baltimore Wash

EVENT: EAFL 2006 Regular Season Round 1
DATE: April 22, 2006.
LOCATION:  Old Farm Road Park, Durham NC
RESULT: North Carolina Tigers 13.13.(91) defeated Baltimore/Washington Eagles 4.4.(28)

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Apr 24, 2006

Revo Players Feature in Washington University's Sp

The following article was printed in the Washington University Spring Journal:


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Apr 20, 2006

Danny's Journal Continues

March 20-25

Monday morning started out great. I awoke without any grogginess and the weather was quite nice out. By the way I felt as I got ready, I just knew that I would have a productive day, if not week.

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Apr 18, 2006

N. Carolina Tiger's Schedule

April 22th      EAFL Round 1: Baltimore-Washington Eagles vs. NC Tigers
June 3rd        EAFL Round 2: Philadelphia vs. NC Tigers
June 17th       EAFL Round 3: NC Tigers vs. New York
Aug 5th          EAFL Round 4: Boston vs. NC Tigers
August 26th    EAFL Round 5: NC Tigers vs. Florida


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Apr 14, 2006

Survey for Australian Expats

Many people will recall Professor Graeme Hugo's significant research into the Australian expatriate community, published in final form in December 2003:

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Apr 12, 2006

Thunder Cup Draw

Game #        Time               Home      Away                                       

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Apr 11, 2006

New York Magpies' Schedule

Tuesday, 7th  Indoor Mid-Week Training Begins
Saturday 18th  Outdoor Weekend Training Begins
Saturday 25th  Training

Saturday 1st  Training, Metroleague Draft Night
Saturday 8th   Outback Steakhouse Metroleague 1 (canceled field closed due to rain/hail-will be rescheduled)
Saturday 15th   Outback Steakhouse Metroleague 2
Saturday 22nd   Anzac Day Event
Saturday 29th  Outback Steakhouse Metroleague 3

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