Ryan: Future Relies on Coaching, Recruiting, and Schedule

Picture it.  Years from now, a crowd of 100,000 people gathered at the MCG under the lights to watch some of the best football players in the world do battle.  A team of some of the best Australian footballers, versus… the Americans. Only the MCG is not the MCG; Its a stadium built specifically for Australian Football here in the US.  A long way off, yes.  But that is USAFL President Denis Ryan’s vision.  A grand vision of what Aussie Rules in America can be.  

Seize the Day - Day 2 at the USAFL Nationals

Central Ohio is really, really flat. Really flat. And yet, that point is somewhat ironic considering how many teams have to climb a metaphorical mountain to make it to their respective Grand Finals at the 2014 USAFL Championships.

Ups and Downs - Day 1 at the USAFL Nationals

Dublin, OH (Oct 11) -- A champion on the ropes.  An old Division II rivalry renewed.  A chance at redemption.  And a coronation of the greatest team of all time in the offing.

USAFL.com Nationals Live Streaming Schedule

For the first time ever, USAFL.com will be live streaming the action from the USAFL National Championships.  We will be featuring a total of 15 games LIVE from Darree Park in Dublin, Ohio, from across all five divisions, leading up to the Women's, Division II, and Division I Grand FInals on Sunday afternoon.

2014 USAFL Nationals Preview - Part II

Though Division I and the Women’s competition garner a good deal of attention and headlines, there is equally as much drama and intrigue in the remaining three divisions.  Each features a number of strong, up and coming sides, not to mention clubs that are just starting to make their way up the USAFL ladder and onto greater heights.

And so, it is with that in mind that we continue with our previews of the 2014 USAFL National Championship pools.

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