Lost in Yonkers: Previewing the Eastern Regional

“In New York; Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There's nothing you can't do / Now you're in New York; These streets will make you feel brand new, Big lights will inspire you.” – Jay-Z, Empire State of Mind.

New Yorkers will tell you that their city is the center of the universe.  With 9,000,000 people, a culture, language and life of its own, they’re probably right.  New York is proud, modern, bustling, unforgiving, and beneath all of its grit and noise and brusque beats a passionate heart.

Crows, Lonestars, Kangroos Blow Away Centrals Field

The wind is a fickle thing.  It kicks up at unexpected times, it varies in strength and direction at its own whim, and sometimes it can completely change the course of where you’re going.

A strong wind greeted the over 200 combatants that gathered at the Indianapolis World Sports Park on June 11th for the 2016 USAFL Central Regional Tournament.  It accompanied relentless temperatures that topped out somewhere in the mid 90’s Fahrenheit, and wreaked havoc with the plans drawn up by the 12 teams that took part in front of a worldwide internet audience.

Flip Flop - Regionals, SCAFL Affect Third Poll

This past weekend in Indianapolis, I was needled a lot for the number of Game of Thrones references I put in the first two poll recaps.  I mean, no one was losing their head or anything, and it’s in Stark contrast to all of the other things I write about the league.  I think it was just a few people deciding to Arya their grievances.

Alright, I’ll stop, promise.

Go Live Sports Cast to Broadcast Central Regionals LIVE

Catch all of the excitement of the 2016 USAFL Central Regional Tournament LIVE on Go Live Sports Cast!  

We'll have coverage from nine games this Saturday, June 11th, starting at 9am EDT.  Direct from the Indianapolis World Sports Park, featuring matchups from all three divisions.   Our own Brian Barrish will be on the call and guide you through a full day of Aussie Rules football at its very best.

Dragons Leading the Charge in SCAFL

While the USAFL and American Aussie Rules was born from teams in the Midwest, it was cultivated in many outposts across the country.  Southern California is one of those places, and over the past two decades has produced some of the best footballers and clubs the league has seen.

Upcoming Events

Jul 09 10:00am Seattle Grizzly BCAFL @ Vancouver Cougars Blues Surrey, British Columbia
Jul 09 12:00pm Stampede Cup: Calgary Kookaburras v Edmonton Emus Calgary, Alberta
Jul 09 11:00am Los Angeles Dragons Vs Orange County Bombers Riverside, California