2015 AFL US Combine Comes to the IMG Academy April 26-29

The Australian Football League, in cooperation with the USAFL, are pleased to announce the 2015 AFL US Combine, to be held from April 26-29th at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

Over the last several seasons, the combine has been an opportunity for young American athletes to potentially continue their athletic careers after college, in a sport that allows them to use the skill sets they already have.  And, it presents a chance for them to play a professional sport at its highest level in front of throngs of passionate supporters.

USAFL Season Preview Week - West

Much like the sun moves across the country from East to West, so has the balance of power in the USAFL.  Whereas at one time it the EAFL could claim three teams in the highest division at Nationals, now it is largely dominated by teams from the West.  It is very possible that four teams from this group will be playing Divvy 1 football in Austin, and that's an intriguing prospect.  

USAFL Season Preview Week - Central South

Deep in the American heartland, the game of footy continues to grow with new teams challenging old stalwarts in each of the top two Nationals divisions.  This year's Nationals will be held in Austin, so you know that all three Texan squads will be licking their chops to hoist hardware on home soil.

USAFL Season Preview Week - Central North

The Midwest part of the country has long been known for its growth of natural resources, creating a bountiful harvest to feed the rest of the country.  This has also held true from a footy sense; the Central region has seen more clubs sprout up over the last seven seasons than any other.

These teams, such as Columbus, Des Moines, and Indianapolis, take their place alongside teams with history in the foundation of the very league.  And in 2015, they look to bust through and join the ranks of the Minnesota Freeze at the highest level of the game.

USAFL Season Preview Week - East

Though the balance of power has shifted from the East Coast clubs out West, three of these eight teams contested for Grand Finals at last year's National Championships.  Only New York has been left in Division I, and they won the whole shebang.

That said, the Eastern clubs are slowly gaining somewhat of resurgence.  There is a ton of talent in this group, including some of the best American players in the country.  That growth coincides with the rise of a couple of old teams to Nationals glory, and a new team about to take the stage. 

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