The USAFL Grows Mo's for Movember

Andy Vanica Movember

Saturday, October 23, 2010 – The United States Australian Rules Football League is excited to announce their participation in Movember 2010. During the month of November, male players from across the country will grow mustaches to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. Teams within the USAFL will compete to see which club and individual can raise the most money, and most importantly, who can sport the best Mo’. Fact: In 2010 tragically more than 32,000 men will die as a direct result of prostate cancer.

What can you do about this? Join the USAFL and Movember in raising money and awareness for prostate cancer. Since 2004, men from around the world have been spending November growing a moustache, thus transforming the month into Movember. In 2009 more than 250,000 men registered, over 1 million people donated, and more than $42 million USD was raised. Proceeds are split between the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and LIVESTRONG. Information can be found at “It is only fitting that our Australian Football organization get behind such a great cause which began in Australia.” says Rich Mann, USAFL President. Clubs will fall under the USAFL Movember network, allowing the organization to track top fundraising clubs and individuals throughout the month. Already, the Denver Bulldogs, New York Magpies, Des Moines Roosters, Columbus Jackaroos, Chicago United, and Boston Demons have created teams. Overall, USAFL aims to raise at least $15,000. All money is donated directly to Movember.

The Rules of Movember are simple:

1. Register Online at Make sure you join your respective team (if you have no club affiliation, join the USAFL Support Team). 2. Shave clean on November 1st. 3. No goatees or beards. Ticklers okay. 4. Raise money and tell friends, family and co-workers why you are sporting a Mo! 5. Upload your Mo to the USAFL Movember Facebook Event Page

Mo of the Day

Throughout the month, submit daily pictures to the USAFL Facebook Fan Page Event for your chance to be the MO’ OF THE DAY!. Clubs and individuals will be recognized for being the top fundraiser within the USAFL. Also, you can upload and vote for your favorite USAFL Mo’ of the Month on the Facebook page. To submit a photo, upload photo it to the event's Wall. USAFL Movember Facebook Event Page The USAFL Movember network is:

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