Jon Loring

Jon hails from working-class Pennsylvania from a long line of stone masons known as cutters. Growing up, Jon was obsessed with competitive bicycle racing especially Italian racers.  This lead to him earning the nickname "Sergio" and shortly after graduating high school, he competed in a bike race that featured a guest professional Italian cycling team, However, the Italians become irked when Jon was able to keep up with them. One of them jammed a tire pump in his wheel, causing him to crash. Although disillusioned with cycling, Jon agrees to join a group of non-cycling friends in a 500 mile relay race at a local university.

Jon ws so much better than the other competitors in the Little 500 that, while the college teams switched cyclists every few laps, he rode without a break and built up a sizable lead. However, he is injured in a crash and had to stop. After some hesitation, his teammates take turns pedaling, but soon the Cutters' lead vanishes. Finally Jon had them tape his feet to the pedals and starts to make up lost ground; he overtakes the leader on the last lap and claiming victory for the Cutters.

After giving up competitive cycling, Jon turned to Australian Football at the urging of his friend Mac.  Jon is also a man of the arts and describes his true passion as serving as lighting director for a local production named "The Nightman Cometh".

Jon Loring
YearUSAFL RolePositionResignedGrade
2018 to 2019
Execute Board Member