Brian Barrish

Brian Barrish discovered Australian Football as a teenager in 1995, when he found an AFL highlights show while channel surfing.  Though has followed the game religiously though the internet since then, it wasn’t until 2008 that he got involved with his local USAFL club, the Philadelphia Hawks.  He played a total of 61 games over seven seasons with the Hawks before retiring as a player in 2014.  He has served as secretary and media manager with Philadelphia since 2009, and helped grow the club’s online footprint with game reports and social media involvement.

Brian joined the USAFL as its media manager towards the end of the 2014 season. In this role, manages the league’s social media accounts and correspondence, and writes articles documenting the league’s activities.  His goal is to increase engagement between the league and its players and fans, and bring not only the USAFL but the game of Aussie Rules to a wider audience.  He also gets to occasionally live out his childhood dream of being a sports announcer by providing play-by-play commentary for USAFL matches at regional and national tournaments.

In addition to his duties with the USAFL, Brian also provides commentary and analysis for Stateside Footy TV, Girls Play Footy, and The Footy Gospel Podcast.  Previously, he was an editor, writer, and podcaster for The Soccer Desk, where he covered soccer and rugby.

Brian and his wife Chelsea live in suburban Philadelphia with their dog and some cats.

Brian Barrish
YearUSAFL RolePositionResignedGrade
2015 to 2019
Media Manager