GoLive SportsCast to Stream Nationals Finals

The USAFL is proud to announce that GoLive SportsCast will be broadcasting, live, four final matches from the USAFL National Championships in San Diego on October 22.  The matches can be viewed, golivesportscast.com, and available to watch following the event as well.  The matches to be streamed will be the Women's Division 1 Grand Final, as well as the Men's Divisions 1, 2, and 3 Grand Finals.

In addition to the streaming of matches, GoLive SportsCast will also be recording footage and interviews over the weekend for the production of an advertisement for the league and for the game of Aussie Rules football. 

GoLive SportsCast live streamed the 2016 USAFL Central Regional Tournament from Indianapolis last June to a worldwide audience that included viewers from over forty different countries and all fifty US states.  GoLive SportsCast broadcasts a wide variety of sports, including indoor soccer, ice hockey, boxing, MMA, rugby, rodeo, and much more.

In addition to the streaming coverage, Men's and Women's Division 1 matches from both days of the USAFL National Championships will be recorded and uploaded to the league's YouTube channel (YouTube.com/USAFL1997) following the tournament.

Below is the live streaming schedule (match times subject to change):

Match Local (USPDT) USEDT Melbourne (AEDT)
Men's Division 3 Grand Final Oct 22, 1pm Oct 22, 4pm Oct 23, 7am
Men's Division 2 Grand Final Oct 22, 2pm Oct 22, 5pm Oct 23, 8am
Women's Division 1 Grand Final Oct 22, 3pm Oct 22, 6pm Oct 23, 9am
Men's Division 1 Grand Final Oct 22, 4:30pm Oct 22, 7:30pm Oct 23, 10:30am

Inquiries should be directed to Brian Barrish, USAFL Media Manager, at brian.barrish@usafl.com.

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