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The USAFL manages a number of programs to further develop the game and our people here in the US. All of these programs are managed by volunteers, each devoting varying amounts of their own time and resources to the cause. Some of the programs below receive a small amount of funding each year, however the amount if very limited and is only a small proportion of what is required to make them successful.

The League needs your support to help in these areas, you can donate to any of the programs below by clicking on the donate button. All donations are tax deductible.

USA Revolution

The USA Revolution is the mens national team who travel each year to compete in international competition, either the US, Canada or Australia. The team has competed at each AFL International Cup (IC) since the inaugural tournament in 2002 and will once again be heading to Australia next August to compete in the 2014 IC. The cost of the tour and associated training camp is estimated at more than $150,000 of which less than 10% is currently funded. The shortfall is made up by the participants themselves. Your donation will help ease this financial burden these players and their coaching staff are faced with.

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USA Freedom

In 2003, the first women’s match of Australian Football was played in North America at the USAFL National Championships in Kansas City. Less than 4 years later, in 2007, the USA Freedom was established as the USAFL national women’s team. After competing in the first women's competition in 2011, they will be taking two squads to Australia in 2014. Your donation will help get the girls to Australia and foster their development.

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Junior Development

More than 5,000 American youngsters have participated in Australian Football clinics over the past 10 years. The majority of these clinics have been conducted by volunteers and one of the more successful programs, Saturday Morning Footy, has been running in the Washington, DC area since 2007. As kids walk from the field after their first exposure to our great game, you will often hear the comment, “that’s the best game I’ve ever played”. Donate to Junior Development and you can help facilitate the next USAFL Juniors clinic.

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Coaching Development

Coaches within the USAFL community give up their time and out of pocket expenses to coach their teams. Because this is a voluntary role, many coaches are not experienced to the basic level that is desired. Accreditation, while available, is often difficult for these volunteers to attain. The USAFL Coaches Association hopes to offer an accreditation process to our coaches starting in 2014. This will not only benefit the coaches, but the league as a whole. Your donation will help to facilitate the education of our coaches. Donations for coaching development will help facilitate these accreditation classes.

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Umpire Development

USAFL Umpires are invaluable volunteers who give their time to ensure that the league has professionally run games. Without the umpires, the games would not exist. It is important that these individuals become and remain accredited and that they are available for all USAFL games. An investment into the development of USAFL Umpires is an investment into the development of this great game across the United States.

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Club Development

The league consists of more than 30 registered, plus a number of developing clubs, across the USA.  No club owns their own playing facility and all are administered by volunteers who do it for the love of the game. Approximately 80% of all participants are American. There are currently just over 1,000 registered players with 83% Male and 17% Female, who have an average gross income of $50k. Each club maintains it's own fee structure and fund-raising methods to allow them to cover equipment, rent field space and travel costs, however additional funding would greatly assist them. The USAFL is also looking to provide the services of Club Development Officers, initially on a part time basis. Your donation will be a step towards helping our clubs build a strong foundation to ensure a healthy future.

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League Development


You may also make a general donation to the league that will be disbursed among our programs on a most needed basis.