Region - East

Maine Cats vs Quebec Saints

Sep 01, 2018 - 04:00pm US/Eastern
Burlington, VT
Maine Cats
  Quebec Saints
1.2.8 7.5.47
Maine Cats1.2.8
Quebec Saints7.5.47
Quebec Saints
Simon Chamberland
Corey Crawford
Eliot Kempster
Phillip Manassa
Arthur Marchal
James McDonald
Bogdan Rotaru
Daniel Scott
Aaron Stone
Morgan Whyte
George Bakas
Yacine Baouche
Olivier Bernard
Greg Bridges
Lawrence Morse
Pierre Antoine Vidal


Showdown, EAFL Finale in New York

The brilliancy of the USAFL season is that each week is filled with intriguing matchups; carnivals, full on games, rivalries, and perhaps first time meetings.

This Saturday to the north of the Big Apple in Yonkers, not one, but two important sets of clashes will take place, ones that will shape the road to Nationals 2018 in Racine.