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Columbus Earns Its Stripes; Enter the Cats

Ten years after bursting onto the American footy scene, a new era begins for the club from the capital of Ohio.

The Columbus Australian Rules Football Club, whose teams up until this season have been known as the Jackaroos and Jillaroos, are officially now known as the Columbus Cats.  The change includes a relationship with the AFL’s Geelong Football Club, which was founded nearly 150 years prior to the team in Columbus.

AFLX Metro - Reds vs Pinks

Jun 03, 2018 - 05:00pm US/Central
Houston, TX
Houston Reds
  Texas Reds
3.9.27 8.7.55
Houston Reds3.9.27
Texas Reds8.7.55
Texas Reds
Chris Fielder
Brendan Mahoney
Carey Nolan
Nick Plaisance
Sean Smyth
Richard Veroude
Glen Wagner
Todd Garner
Vin O'Beirne
Patrick Reilly