2018 USAFL Honor Roll

With a hard fought 2018 campaign put to stern, USAFL clubs around the country took the chance to reflect, celebrate and recognize those who made their clubs go on and off the field.  From November all the way through mid-January, each team held awards nights, some wrapped around their club's AGM with an eye to the future.

That Was the Year That Was 2018

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'” – Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Lo, Earth hath done her cosmic duty, oblivious to the deeds and tasks of men and women living upon her.  She cares not that we are all going to drink and be merry tonight to celebrate an arbitrary cycle of time, she just does her thing.

Crows Within One Point of Roos for #1

Labor Day is here, and the race for Racine – see what I did there? – is now in high gear.

The month of August provided us with a lot of footy across the country, and the Austin Crows’ determination to get back to the top of Mount USAFL kicked up another notch with two more huge wins in Texas Cup play.

The wins were able to help them close the gap on Golden Gate down to a single vote.  But in the end, Golden Gate remained at the top of the USAFL Top 20 poll for a third consecutive month.

Around the Grounds: Steelheads, Grizzlies Win Stumptown

Stumptown Throwdown – Portland, Oregon
Men – Portland 3-0, Seattle 2-1, Minnesota 1-2, Sacramento 0-3
Women – Seattle 2-0, Minnesota 1-1, Portland 0-2

Game Day USA 8-25-18

Labor Day and the business end of the 2018 USAFL season is within sight.  And with four weekends of football remaining, teams are ramping up their preparations for Nationals in Racine.

A half dozen carnivals fill the air with action today, from coast to coast and all points in between.  From New England to Cascadia, from the Buckeye State to the Peachtree State, and from Texas to LA, it will be a cornucopia of Aussie Rules across this country.  It is Game Day, USA.

Roos, Crows 1-2, Chaos at Bottom of July Poll

The summer of 2018 has been an utterly hot one.  Anyone who was part of the travelling road show that was the USAFL Regional Championship Series can tell you that.  Even in Philadelphia, where the Eastern Regional was played under pewter grey skies and the occasional downpour, it was like playing in a sauna.  Funny how that works.

USAFL Top 20 Poll June - Roos Start Out on Top

Everyone’s favorite poll is back for another year.

The USAFL Top 20 Poll returns for its fourth season, as we’ve again assembled our crack, nine-person super-secret expert panel.  Each panelist votes for who they think are their top twenty USAFL teams.  Each first place vote is worth twenty points, nineteen points for each second vote, and so on.

Development Committee Spotlight - June 2018

With over 1500 men’s and women’s players across 40 clubs nationwide, the strength of the USAFL is definitely its clubs.   A key challenge for clubs has been achieving sustainable growth with obstacles such as travel distances and costs often making it difficult to sustain operations and build player numbers.

Des Moines Metro Round 4: Tassies vs Juicy Juice

Jul 12, 2018 - 06:30pm US/Central
Water Works Park
Des Moines, IA
Des Moines Juicy Juice
  Des Moines Tassies
5.11.41 8.6.54
Des Moines Juicy Juice5.11.41
Des Moines Tassies8.6.54