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State of the USAFL

Over the past year, the USAFL Executive Board has been hard at work instituting best practices for non-profits and creating systems to uphold league rules and regulations/policies. While the league hovers around 1,000 annual members, the USAFL is advancing as an organization. As a better organization we can be poised for more league growth. We must have one before the other. 

The past 24 months board activities focused on the non-profit aspect of the league ensuring the organization is well prepared to answer the IRS if an audit occurred.

These activities included:

Need an Exemption?

Club Administrators may now apply for player exemptions via the League Management System (LMS). Clubs are encouraged to submit exemptions as early as possible - this will allow board members ample time to review requests and process them prior to Nationals. All requests should be submitted no later than October 11. Requests received at Nationals may be reviewed on a a case-by-case basis.

Submitting an Exemption Request

Club Admin should log in and click on Create Exemption Request from the admin menu. They will be asked for the following information:

Who Do You Want to Nominate?

As an ongoing recognition of individuals contributions to the USAFL, each year we will be asking for your nominations for inductees as USAFL Life and Hall of Fame Members.

Life Membership of the USAFL is a recognition of an individuals excellent service to football in the USA. It is given for a combination of service beyond normal expectations, tenure and specific skills that has a National component. Read more about our USAFL Life Members »

Call for 2014 Board Nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2014 USAFL Board. Nominations may be submitted to USAFL Operations Manager, Doren James or can be taken on the floor of the AGM.

USAFL Board Positions include: President; Vice President East; Vice President Central; Vice President West; Secretary; Treasurer; and Member-At-Large.

Donate Boots; Grow the Game

This October over 1,000 players, representing more than 30 clubs, will congregate in Austin, Texas for the largest footy carnival (tournament) in the world. This year players and spectators will have the opportunity to donate their used footy boots and give back to footy.

Denver Bulldog Nick Auden Needs Your Help

Denver Bulldog Nick “Audo” Auden is asking for your support by signing an online petition. Nick has been battling stage 4 Melanoma for the past three years, and is seeking to participate in a drug trial - one that could save his life.

What can you do to help? Just Sign the Petition here »

Player Registration Reminder

Players and clubs are reminded that the player registration fee will be increased this Monday, July 1 from $50 to $75. Additionally, this Sunday is the last opportunity for clubs to purchase pre-paid player memberships.

To earn qualification points for this year’s Nationals, all players must be registered in the LMS before playing their first game. Players will not be able to accrue points unless they are registered and paid for the current season. Read more about the League Management System here »

LMS Points Adjustments

The USAFL is announcing a slight change to the Nationals Eligibility Point (NEP) structure.  Previously 1/2 point was earned for metro matches and 1 point was earned in USAFL matches.  All points are now doubled:

US Marines Get an Introduction to Footy

Members of the US Marine Rotational Force Darwin (MRF-D) were recently introduced to the great game of footy by the Northern Territory Thunder at a training session in Darwin in preparation for a game on June 8.

Travis Edwards (left), assistant coach of Northern Territory Thunder, teaches Marines how to punt during their first practice at the TIO Stadium in preparation for their first big “footy” game.

2012 USAFL Annual Report Now Available

The 2012 USAFL Annual Report is now available for download from the USAFL website. The Annual Report is released each year following the budget review which takes place early in the year.

2012 was a big year for the USAFL, highlights included:


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