Play Aussie Exclusive Discount

Sherrin Kangaroo Brand

By purchasing Sherrin Footballs through Play Aussie, an official USAFL sponsor, you are helping to support the growth of the USAFL and it's constituent programs such as the USAFL Freedom and USAFL Revolution National Teams."

Buy an Aussie Sherrin Football at a discount 

Every registered USAFL player can receive a 7.5% discount for any purchase of $50 or more on the Play Aussie website by using their club assigned 'Promo Coupon' when checking out.

USAFL registered players that purchase this way will also place their affiliated club in to a draw to win a $250 Play Aussie Gift Card, to be drawn at the USAFL National Championships in Sarasota Florida in October 2019.

The more times any players buy their Sherrin footballs with their team code, the more chances your club has to win.

The Play Aussie Discount for 2019 expired on October 1, 2019.

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