Aug 8, 2017

IC17 Preview: Matchday 2

Chapter 1 has been written.  It’s time to turn the page.

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Aug 8, 2017

Liberty Turns Aside Bulleen-Templestowe for First Win

It was a beautiful night to the east of Melbourne on Tuesday, and a nice night to make some history for the USAFL Liberty.

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Aug 6, 2017

IC17: Revos tame Canada, Freedom fall to Ireland on Day 1

Opening day, IC17 has come and gone.  It was punctuated with the typical Melbourne flourish – four seasons in a day.  Pouring rain, cold, then bright sunshine, then cold again.

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Aug 5, 2017

IC17 Preview: Matchday 1

They've come from every corner of the globe to the Mecca of Australian Football.

The term "Mecca" is not used litely in ths respect.  Footy is, in its own right, a religion.  And like those of the Muslim faith make their pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca where their universe revolves, so too do those disciples of the great game of footy come to Melbourne.

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Aug 5, 2017

Liberty Falls to Open Australian Tour

Watch the full replay of the match here.

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Aug 2, 2017

Liberty Takes to the Road in Aussie Tour

This weekend, women from eight countries will travel to Melbourne to contest the International Cup championship for the third time.  IC17 will be the first to take place since the inauguration of the AFLW competition, and with it, a heightened interest in women’s footy and the potential for women outside of Australia to etch their names into the fabric of the game at its highest level.

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Jul 31, 2017

Freedom Captains Ready for IC Challenge

What once seemed like a distant constellation light years away is now so close one can taste it.  And for the USA Freedom, the ride from beginning to that metaphorical galaxy has been arduous, challenging, and worth every second of it.

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Jul 25, 2017

Kickin' With Klatt: The One from Melbourne

July 2017 – Now that it’s been a year since I dropped everything and moved to Australia, I suppose it’s time for an update.

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Jul 20, 2017

Revos, Freedom Learn IC17 Foes

Has it really been three years since the last International Cup?  Since nearly a thousand players from all over the world gathered in the center of the Australian Football universe for the triennial tug-of-war for international footy supremacy?

Yea, it has been.

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Jul 7, 2017

The Same Amount of Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Women's Footy

By Jacob Trask

Winter in Washington is an uninviting environment for outdoor activities. The trees are bare, the grey skies menacing, and streets void of the bustle of subsequent seasons. Yet, at 6pm each Wednesday evening in February, one would find at West Potomac Park several DC women huddled, running, and tackling with an odd-shaped ball.

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Jul 6, 2017

Funny Funny Riddle: Western Regionals Preview

In 1858, a group of prospectors who had come from the east during the height of the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush made camp in the North Platte Valley of what was then the Kansas Territory. 

They called it Montana City. 

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Jun 29, 2017

Shaken But Not Stirred: Austin Stumbles, Remains #1

I was going to call this one “Holy Crap”.

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